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Different Kinds of Cooling Systems and Their Functions

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A cooling tower is a channel wherein thermal energy is transferred from one source to another. The transference of heat takes place through the exchange between water and air by evaporating the water that requires to be cooled. While major industries produce a massive amount of heat, which must be disposed of to have a seamless operation, cooling towers are used for it. Different types of cooling applications utilize water as a way to absorb heat. Moreover, there are a lot of ways you can install an industrial cooling system. Such cooling towers are categorized into different ways based on their water flow efficiency, fan type, shape, and other classifications. Below are various kinds of cooling tower applications briefly discussed by assessing how cooling water is utilized in every system: 

Rectangular cooling tower 

International Cooling Tower has various shapes and capacities offered in a rectangular cooling tower. Regardless of its different sizes and shapes, the method works similarly in each tower. The warm water reaches into cooling towers through the pipe, leaving out after reducing the temperature. Also, the hot water would be splashed through the splash cops, which are non-clogging, above the haps. The dry air outside is prompted in the cooling tower using pressure via the motor positioned above the system. Hence, with the contact of water and air, the evaporation would make the temperature to drop and allow fresh air to traverse all over the system.  

Field erected cooling tower 

The cooling tower’s main course is to minimize the water’s temperature. You could propose a cooling tower that has pultruded fiberglass to achieve the amazing solution even in the worse ambiance in industries. At International Cooling Tower, you can have your towers modeled with the help of quality hardware like stainless steel. The Pultruded fiberglass would be the ideal fit for the new projects and renovation of traditional cooling towers. 

Crossflow cooling tower 

In a crossflow cooling tower, the water flows vertically and the air’s inflow works in a horizontal manner. This cooling tower’s system functions in splash fillings. The centers are flexible and eligible for the uses where the water contains a greater amount of contaminations that must be eliminated. 

Bottle cooling tower 

This cooling tower is also recognized as the round cooling tower. This is popular for its technology and stunning design. Since the tower’s shape is round, the airflow will be distributed evenly from everywhere. 

Fan-less cooling tower 

Basing from its name, this type of application of cooling tower doesn’t have any fill or fan to cool water. Instead, wooden louvers are utilized to serve as a sidewall that limits the water spillage. The wind reaches via the cooling tower’s passage and acts as a cooling medium. The hot water will be sprinkled using spray nozzles above the cooling water. 

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